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Parallel existence!

I am having a sleepless night, i am not an avid online chatter, in fact i never have, and i never might, i don’t see a need for it, at least in my life, i am not for it, but i am not against it either.

Heres what i strongly agree on. I personally think that definitely more that 50% of online chatters donot reflect the personality they acrtually are in real life, in fact i might say (in my personal opinion) that more than half of these would put on really dramatic personalities in their virtual existence.

What i think (or at least i believe), is that this may be a virtually unintentional act. I am not saying this is true but give me  reason why this is not. In most cases, again in my opinion, a random user does not pre-meditate an online name and the virtual tone and content of his communication. So what charts the course of his/her journey over the period he/she spends on web?

Is this an affirmation of Darwin’s theory and that ape inside us we control in our civilised existence. Or is it the power of the web wide web that can effect our behavior in unprecedented ways? If so do we commit a sin, or is it virtual sin? If so which rules of Karma, or as i would say “virtual karma” apply?


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